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<b>Why We Focus On Optometrists</b>

Why We Focus On Optometrists

Growing your personal wealth starts when you create a comprehensive plan for your financial future. We have reviewed hundreds...

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<b>Building Wealth Outside Your Practice</b>

Building Wealth Outside Your Practice

It’s great to be a high income OD, but where is your cash flow going to come from when you sell your practice or retire? You can start building your personal wealth by...

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<b>Natalie H Schmook, MBA, CFP<sup>&#174;</sup>, CVA<sup>&#174;</sup></b>

Natalie H Schmook, MBA, CFP®, CVA®

Natalie is the founder and owner of Hayes Wealth Advisors LLC, a holistic, fee only Financial Planning, Practice Valuation and Investment Management service...

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<b>Knowledge is Power</b>

Knowledge is Power

Our financial literacy center offers a spectrum of timely and informative articles that were written with you in mind, including educational pieces and calculators.

How Much Do You Know About Investing?

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