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The daughter of Jerry Hayes, OD, Natalie Hayes Schmook, MBA, CFP® came from an optometric family and grew up with a broad exposure to the unique challenges and opportunities experienced by optometrists.  She worked at E-dr. during its start up years and later served on the Advisory Board of HMI Buying Group and Red Tray. Her brother, Nathan Hayes, was a long time optometric consultant at Prima Eye Group and now works for IDOC™ in the same capacity.

Natalie is now combining her lifelong knowledge of optometry with her training and experience with hundreds of high net worth clients as a Certified Financial Planner ™ to offer a unique financial planning and investment management service dedicated to serving both employed optometrists and practice owners.

You can contact Natalie at (404) 954-1133, or click the link below to schedule your complimentary introductory call to discuss how we can help plan a strong financial future for you and your family. All calls are strictly confidential.

We make a point to be experts in what’s important to your financial future.

I grew up in the optometric world. My father, Dr. Jerry Hayes, owned a small practice in Vicksburg Mississippi, which he eventually sold to focus on his optometric support businesses—a marketing company (As a child, I was a regular model in their catalogue), several buying groups, and practice management consulting. The number of presentations I’ve attended on practice maximization at Vision Expo, SECO, and more rivals the most diligent of optometric practice owners. And even though my father is recently retired, I continue to keep close tabs on my twin brother, Nathan Hayes, in his optometric consulting endeavors.

Many advisors say they are different. We practice it, being different. Give us a call today to learn how we can help with what matters to you.

- Natalie Schmook

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