Asset Management

There are millions of investment options and thousands of portfolio managers in the broader investment market. While there are many investment strategies, the most proven driver of investment return is asset allocation, or how your investments are divided among broader asset classes such as stocks, bonds, cash and other investments, and according to more research, within those asset classes.

Knowing that allocation among asset classes is the single biggest factor in return, our goal is to maximize exposure to the broader investment market in a strategic manner and round out asset classes with tactical adjustments using market fundamental research. We start with YOUR goals and YOUR preferences, especially as it relates to time horizon and how much market movement you find tolerable in your portfolio, then implement in the most liquid, low-cost manner reasonably available in each asset class.

While we develop an asset allocation that best fits your needs with you, we also believe professionals who's only role is to provide manager due diligence and stay abreast of the economy and markets should be making investment decisions. We rely on and continually evaluate the best asset managers available and pass along their expertise to you at a fraction of the cost of many institutional investment advisors.

In addition to quality management, we are committed to using the best service providers possible. We have partnered with TD Ameritrade to provide custodial services for our clients. We love their platform—especially their technology— and hope you will too!